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Security System Houston- What You Need to Know
Why does your home need a security system in Houston?

Because 1,300 out of every 100,000 homes in the Houston area are victims of a burglary every year.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and it should be no surprise that our community gets its share of property crimes. However, 90% of police believe that security systems in Houston deter potential burglaries, and 60% of attempted home burglaries are foiled by a home alarm system.

Investing in a security system in Houston is not just about preventing burglary. Security System Houston, your local solution to local problems, can install a home alarm system into your home which responds to fire emergencies and panic button activated medical emergencies as well as burglaries.

Security System Houston- Fire Emergency Reponse

When the experienced technicians at Security Systems Houston install your digital smoke alarm, you are protecting your home and family in the event of a fire when you are not home. Although all homes should have a regular smoke alarm, a digital smoke alarm, in conjunction with a security system in Houston, can mean the difference between quick emergency response and disaster.

A trained dispatcher intercepts your home alarm system's distress signal, and they alert the Houston Fire Department. Security System Houston is locally owned and operated, and we work to protect our community from the devastation that fire can cause to your home. Seconds count in a fire emergency, and quick response with our 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring service can save your home.

Security System Houston- Home Security Alarm Services

Security System Houston is your affordable, reliable, and local choice for the best deal in security systems in Houston and our surrounding area neighbors.

We can update your existing home security system and place it under the protection of our 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Service, or we can install a complete new home security system for free. Our customer service extends beyond free installation, and our local Houston office is available to service your home alarm system needs.

We are proud to offer the lowest monthly rates as compare to our competitors with more features. Security System Houston only hires technicians with the experience to install and repair home security systems like Honeywell and DSC. They drive company trucks when arriving at your residence for your family's protection. Your community is our community, and we have been serving you for over 30 years.

Call Security System Houston for your free quote and free installation today!

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